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Can You Be an Everyday Hero?

When we hear a story of a passerby pulling someone from a burning building with no obvious consideration for their own personal safety, it can provoke a few different feelings in us.

We might be inspired by the heroism of the courageous and mighty individual. Maybe we think something along the lines of, “I’m not sure I would do the same thing if it was me.”

Our Monthly Life Partners are Heroes

We refer to our monthly Life Partners as heroes because we believe a true hero does everyday things that pull people out of metaphorical burning buildings. Things like when you give your finances, so when someone in Adelaide is desperate for a message of love and life, there it is, free-to-air, always available on Life FM.

The bible says, “let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”. So can I encourage you to consider doing good by pledging your monthly Life Partner support?

We are on a mission to build a community of givers so generous and constant, Adelaide has never experienced anything like this team of heroes before.

Our Heroes Stick With The Mission

Heroes who are willing to give, not just once, but who will stick with the mission month in and month out, faithfully fighting for and investing in hope and a positive change.

We subscribe to things every month, the internet, movies, apps, and music. We commit to these things because they benefit our lives, but media filled with hope also benefits other people’s lives.

It costs only $30 to enable another family in Adelaide to have access to a message of life and love that is always free-to-air in Adelaide. Because God’s love should never be behind a paywall.

Some of you can give $30 every month. For some, it is a stretch, but some can give more. Whatever you can give, 100% goes directly to the number of people with access to hope-filled media and the depth of transformational impact in their lives.

Together we will passionately fight until the day when we can finally say that every life has been positively influenced for eternity. The Day we can say everyone is living a life so full and vibrant, so alive it is contagious here on earth. Join us here to donate or call our finance office on 8444 5444 and speak to our team to find out how you can get involved.

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