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Better Together

We are Better Together.

How do you feel when you listen to 1079 Life? There is something very special about the way radio connects us. It may be the announcers, music, or Life spots – you are part of a bigger family.

Nearly three decades ago as our founders launched an FM community station in Adelaide, they understood something of this special connection.

In that simpler media landscape, radio stood out as a personal, intimate medium. An ideal way to share the love of Jesus with our community and bring us closer together.

This week is our Better Together November appeal. It’s a chance for us to connect with you, our listeners, and hear what the station means to you. More than that it’s a reminder that we really are Better Together.

Click here to donate to the appeal and be part of what the station is doing in the city of adelaide. You can also give the station a call and speak to our volunteers on 8444 5444.

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