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Are You Really Ok?

Maz, Daz and Kylie Brice discussing mental health on the Takeover

Today is RU Ok? Day 2021. To celebrate it, Maz and Daz interviewed Kylie Brice about her journey with depression and anxiety and the importance of checking in with people.

Maz and Kylie discuss that we should not just acknowledge but celebrate R U Ok? Day because these are really positive conversations around mental health and it is a great thing that we are having them. As Maz says, We all go through struggles and dark times but people share the highlight reel and it can be really easy to think there is something wrong with you when you are not achieving as much as someone else your age.

It’s really important that we share our stories around mental health and if you are struggling with your mental health that you find someone you can trust to talk to. You can hear the rest of the interview below. We also have included some links if you need help or someone to talk to. Make it a habit, not just on R U Ok? Day, but every day to check up on people and ask if they are Ok. Not just if they are ok but are they REALLY Ok.


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