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An Interview with our Resident Newlyweds, Bec and Zac

Our regular listeners will know that our breakfast hosts, Bec and Zac, tied the knot on a gorgeous spring day in September and have recently returned from their honeymoon. Speaking of gorgeous, Bec made a beautiful bride (Zac scrubbed up alright too)! One of our trainees, Lauren, interviewed the two to talk about their love story (cue the ‘awws’) and experience at the station. You can read all about it below!

What is your position at 1079 Life?

 Bec: I am the music director and also the host/producer of Adelaide’s Good Taste Breakfast 

 Zac: I’m production manager and brekky announcer.

How long have you been at 1079 Life?

Bec: Coming up on 8 years!

 Zac: 6.5 years.

What do you love most about 1079 Life?

Bec: The community for sure, the listeners. Also, the freedom to express my faith.

 Zac: Being able to make people laugh and smile in the morning.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

Bec: I feel like there’s nothing I haven’t shared on air!

 Zac: I have umpteen used coffee mugs on my desk at any one time. My theory is it gives the illusion I work hard… I’m starting to think it’s having the opposite effect.

What tv show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Bec: I am not ashamed! Hot Rod is the best movie of all time!!

 Zac: 24 is a great show. I’ve never had a positive reaction from anyone I’ve ever told that to.

If you could be any condiment what would you be?

Bec: Gravy. Yum

Zac: Wasabi. Wasabi is a mystery. It’s not a chilli but it’s spicy, it’s green but it’s not a vegetable. I’m pretty sure nobody knows what wasabi is or where it comes from. Keep ‘em guessing.

How have you seen God at work in this workplace?

Bec: Absolutely, especially through our listeners.

 Zac: We’ve received feedback from listeners about a break or segment that’s made a difference to somebody. Just the other week we got a message from somebody telling us Pamela’s message that morning helped them see a difficult time with an eternal perspective.

Wedding questions (the mushy stuff)

How did you meet?

Bec: Actually in Rundle Mall at one of our Christmas OBs like 6 years ago or something!

 Zac: Rundle mall 2014, 1079 Life Christmas OB.

How did Zac pop the question?

Bec: He very romantically took me to my favourite place. The botanic gardens in Mt Lofty and surprised me with a beautiful secret picnic set up. I actually thought it was for someone else. And even when he got down on one knee I thought he was pranking me!

 Zac: I believe somebody (Zac) was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know romance could reach such levels, and I’m not sure the world is ready for it”. – Zac

Where did you get married?

Bec: Glen Ewin estate in the Pulpshed!

Zac: Glen Ewin Estate.

What is one character trait you love about each other?

Bec: Loyalty and grace 🙂

Zac: Bec’s soft heart which manifests as generosity and love for people.

What is it like working with your partner?

Bec: Ha…… a nightmare! Just kidding. Zac is my best friend and we have boundaries so honestly, I’m very lucky.

 Zac: … Does Bec read the newsletter? I can’t imagine anything better.

What’s the best marriage advice you have received so far?

Bec: “It’s ok not to LIKE each other sometimes… as long as you still LOVE them” hahahaha!!! This made me laugh.

Zac: Separate bathrooms. I think the theory here is to hide the worst from each other, keep the illusion alive…

And that’s a wrap! Catch Bec and Zac from 6am-9am each weekday on Adelaide’s Good Taste Breakfast.

Photo Credit: Shana Staude Photography

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