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1079 Life’s Lunchbox Legends

Heading back to school can be an exciting time but for some though, it can be a bit worrying if they don’t have all the necessary things to just be a regular school kid. That’s where 1079 Life’s Lunch Box Legends come in!

As you’re picking up school supplies for another year, why not grab a lunch box for a child here in Adelaide who doesn’t have one for themselves. Children just want to fit in and be like the other kids at school. Having a lunch box can be one of those things that can give them confidence at school.

Life FM will be passing them on to a group called Cos We Care for them to bless young school kids in need. Once a child has a lunch box of their very own, with their name on it, it belongs to them. What a boost to a young child’s self-esteem.

Let’s stop young kids here in Adelaide from feeling left out because of something so small like not having a lunch box. We can all help to do something about it.

Drop off your lunch boxes at station sponsor Howards Storage World Mile End, Auto One Clovercrest, the 1079 Life studio in Hendon anytime, or to The Roadies when they are out and about (see details under ‘Find Out Where We’ll Be Next Monday’)

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