A Mini Love Affair

Written by on November 27, 2019

Mini has had a strong presence in Australia’s motoring history with tens of thousands of Australians owning and driving them.

They’ve also had a strong presence on racetracks all over the world for decades. In 1963, inspired by the capabilities of the BMC Twin Moke (a vehicle designed for military use and that had two engines for off-roading), Mini came up with the idea of a two engine (178bhp) prototype race car.

The Twini-Mini had an engine in front and one in the back (where the backseat would usually be), two gearboxes and two fuel pumps. It was hoped that this new Mini would be a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. Unfortunately, plans for the car were shelved.

But the legend of the Twini-Mini lived-on, and a handful of motoring enthusiasts world-wide set about designing their own two-engine Minis. One of these is Adelaide resident, Dave Wallis.

The car took five years to complete – and rather than going for sheer power, Dave built it around two 1100cc engines with identical specifications. The Twini Mini also features two complete sets of gauges, with a tachometer, oil pressures and water temperature and amps and volt gauges either side of the speedometer.

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