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Community Event Attendance – focus on your audience

You only have to look in the Life Diary on this site to see that there are many events put on for the benefit of the greater community, like fundraisers, carols and productions. I have been asked how to make certain events more popular, or how to increase attendance from outside people’s immediate sphere of influence.

I have a few key points that should assist:

1. Know your target market – this is marketing 101 but very much applies to events. Know exactly who you are targeting to attend. Everything should be based around that audience. Be specific, this will help drive your publicity plan. Segment your market into ‘families with small children’, or ‘singles/couples under 30’, or ‘semi/retired women over 50’, etc.

2. Develop event goals and objectives – you need to know exactly what the ‘point’ of your event is. Why are you holding it? What do you need as the outcomes? What do you want your target market to take away with them? How will you define ‘success’?

3. Brand your event – you want your event to stand out amongst all the others, so you need to choose a timely, dynamic and compelling theme that will set you apart. Spend plenty of time thinking about the name of your event, a tagline (a short branding slogan) and a logo.

4. Location, location, location – you need to choose a location, as well as a date and time, that will appeal to your target market. There’s no point having an event where the audience you are focussed on finds it difficult to get to, or park, or at an inconvenient time.

5. Know what else is on – do your research and make sure there aren’t other events on the same time as yours, that are aiming to attract the same people.

6. Create a publicity plan – detail your intentions in relation to advertising and the media. This will help you make sure you giving enough notice to potential attendees, as well as making sure you cover all your bases – online content, newsletters, emails, letter box drops, radio, tv – however you can best communicate with your target market. Don’t forget post-event thank-you’s, sponsor acknowledgements and articles about your event’s key messages or fundraising success.

Make sure you don’t aim too broad – there is no point aiming for ‘everyone’ because it’s not a realistic expectation! You want to attract specific people who you know should enjoy it, so that they tell others, and your event starts to gain recognition.

Finally, be prepared, because very few events hit their target market and are a great success the first time (or sometimes even the second or third). If you keep your expectations realistic, then its easier to remember that it takes time and practice to get some things right. 

sonsq  Sonya of Heavenly Weddings is an Adelaide-based wedding and event planner with 8 years’ experience, who was born organised (just ask her friends). She loves to exceed her clients’ expectations, making sure every event is flawless – right down to the last little detail.



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