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Each week the wonderful Pete Court brings us his own unique perspective on life.


What Off Season?

I dedicate a lot of time and energy to improving my game and coaching my teams to improve.

But the season is over.

Now what?

I’ll try and maintain my fitness, maybe play a bit of some other games, but the problem is, when you’re not in the heat of the season, when the competition and the game is not a fierce burning in your life, it’s easy to be distracted by other things. Like NOT exercising. Eating too many burgers, all that stuff I avoid during the season because I need to be at my peak.

And it’s the same in my spiritual life. When I’m not involved in the heat of the competition, like the times I know God is doing something specific or I’m involved in some project that is great for the kingdom, when that ends, does my commitment?

Maybe I pray less because there is nothing burning right now? When the walk becomes a bit of a doddle do I just get lazy? If so, that’s a very dangerous place to be.

Soon I will need all my strength again, both in my sport and in my spiritual life. And if I’m flabby and out of shape, it’s going to seriously damage me. So, an ‘Off’ season is not a time to do nothing. It’s a time to stay strong, keep growing and getting ready for the heat of fierce competition.

The off season is not a time to do nothing, to vegetate. Spiritually or in my sport. It’s a time to step back and look at myself and my game and think about how I can play better, be better, coach better, next season. Because, sure enough, the off season will end and I need to be ready again because I love this game. I want to be good at it.



Infinite improvement – It’s interesting to get to the end of the season and have to decide on awards for my teams.

Win like a loser – So there’s this sports club, we all know them, or maybe it’s a team within a club.

This is not a non-contact sport – There’s a lot of skills we can learn at hockey training.

I am so childish! – There’s something very cool about watching little kids play

Quality Armour – Every sport has its armour.

This is a photo of me and the team I coach. It’s Onesie training, where everybody turns up to train in their pyjamas.

Doubt like a winner. – Like any sportsperson, I love to tell stories about amazing games.

When to stop – Everybody loves to be a winner. But often we lose.

Which training are you? – There are two types of players who come to training.

Always the Game – On game days, it seems like everything plays into the way I play.

Don’t be a best – The thing about being a coach is, I want every one of my players to be the best.

Bruised but not Broken – On the Weekend, one of the players I coach got smashed in the face.

I’m like a good player! – You know that feeling you get before a game? Butterflies?

How to never be a loser – A season is a long time, so I think it’s time to revisit a very important lesson from the game of life.

Coaching after hours. – Most players don’t really know what their coaches get up to

Train in Rain. -Last time, we talked about the idea that training; even when it doesn’t matter, it matters.

Because It Doesn’t Matter – So it’s cold. It’s raining. It’s windy. And it’s training night.

Thinking and not Thinking – I coach a lot of very smart people.

Uncruel to be Kind – I once had a coach who wanted to create a tough team.

Are You a Leader? – On field leaders aren’t always immediately obvious.

Coaching Greatness – When Michael Phelps was a little kid and his mum took him

Take a Rest – It’s like the song says “To everything, there is a season,

Trashing is for Losers – We’ve been talking about how confidence is so important to life and to sport.

What Really Counts – It doesn’t take long, watching and coaching, even playing sport

Watch What You’re Doing – As a coach, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching your players…

Trying Too Hard – It’s preseason for winter sports and as a coach I’m working with players…

Who Do You Hit? –  I have had the great joy of coaching kids.

Get Aggro  – Last time, we looked at playing with a mongrel attitude;

Be a Mongrel – Winning teams always have a bit of the mongrel about them. Some call it heart. Or guts.

Do you turn up? – There’s nothing worse than organising a team and then finding on the day, that half the team has decided

Take a look at yourself!  – Coaching new hockey players has taught me to look at myself.

Dropping the ball – How can a professional footballer drop a chest mark?

Risk it all – Holidays are a time to reconsider. To think about the future, the plans, the way things are happening.

Be in the game – How rare is it to win a Grand Final!?

About the Umpire… – Like it or not, no game can be played without an Umpire,

Get Your Head in the Training. – Last time we noticed that in sport you train for hours to play one discreet game but in life

The Life in Training. – There are many lessons in faith to learn from the lessons of sport,

Having a swing at Sir Don – It’s cricket season so let me share an obvious faith fact.

Are you fit enough for the game? – Fitness is often misunderstood. I often face players who will come to the sideline

It Ain’t Punishment – Have you ever watched a coach on TV ripping into a player on the sideline?

Beaten By The Losers – We’ve all seen it. Probably even done it. The top team goes out and gets rolled by the bottom team.

Playing Hurt – The problem with Sport is, it can hurt. I had an uncle who played rugby in England…

The Team Doesn’t Matter – So just because the Grand Final doesn’t feature ‘My’ team, will it be worth watching?…

The Better Players – There’s something about sport that just rocks…

The Truth of Cliche-topia – Hard ball gets. The one percenters. Putting the body on the line. It’s Cliché-topia when the commentators get going…

Call It What It Is – “Feel the burn, run through the wall, it’s a good hurt”…

Playing to Win – Don’t play to win the game…

The Same Team – I just saw a bunch of weekend warriors go past. Sometimes they are on bikes, wearing disturbing Lycra…

Athletes who Cross – When a sportsperson does their thing well, it’s interesting to see who gets the credit…

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