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Who knows better than you what you like?

Would you like to be a part of Breakfast’s new Review By You team? We’re looking for people who can check out a product and then let Adelaide know what you think!

It might be a book, a movie, a meal, a toy – just about anything! When you’ve had a chance to decide what you think join Kit and Pete live for Breakfast and tell Adelaide all about it.

Did you like it? Who did you think it was aimed at? Would you improve it? Would you recommend others to buy it?


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Listen here:

Daughter of Nomads & Dear Pakistan – Rosanne Hawke

Thank you to Jeannie who will be reviewing Daughter of Nomads for us!

Rosanne Hawke dropped in to see Kit and Pete on Monday morning and brought with her a copy of her two latest books!

Daughter of Nomads

First moon of summer, 1662: Fourteen-year-old Jahani lives peacefully in the village of Sherwan. But havoc is brewing in the Mughal Empire with tyrants and war lords burning villages in their quest to rule the northern kingdoms.

After an assassin strikes in a bazaar, Jahani discovers her life is not as it seems. Before long, she is fleeing with her mysterious protector Azhar.

Will their journey to the Qurraqoram Mountains lead Jahani to danger or to her destiny?

Dear Pakistan

Jamie Richards has spent most of her life in Pakistan and returning to Australia seems like another planet compared to the country she has left behind. Here in Australia, boys try to kiss her, men wear shorts and everyone says ‘cool’ all the time. How will she ever know the right things to say or do or wear? After all, this is meant to be her culture.

This is a story of living beyond boundaries, and discovering the gift of adapting to new cultures, especially one’s own.


What Could It Be? – Sally Fawcett

To get the ball rolling we have an advanced copy of What Could It Be? by Sally Fawcett. Thanks to Natalie for jumping on board and agreeing to review it with her children for us. We look forward to hearing what you think!

We also had Megha (age 6) review the book for us as well.

I was given a book called ‘what could it be” to write a review. Wow! What an honour! My first ever book review. 

Exploring the imaginative world of shapes” reading the comment of the write Sally Fawcett, I thought it is just another book about shapes. Boring! I know all my shapes.

However when I turned the first page I saw some very interesting illustrations. I never considerd my leg is a cylinder… a bee hive has lots of hexagons…

Mmm… Interesting…I thought. Going through pages it always said, ‘What else could [] it be”? And it was a very funny book. It has extreme close-ups of funny things with interesting 3D shapes. The book was talking about 2D shapes. But as a fan of shapes I can notice there are 3D shape everywhere. As an example green oval grapes. But I know they are ovoids. And a ball is a sphere not a circle. Also a birds beak and a mountain could be a pyramid. 

Before having a closer look at this book I thought life is all about numbers. I used to tell that I was born on a number… I live at a number… I travel by a number… I change piano keys on a number. All my life was numbers.

But now I can add shapes into my life like numbers. I was born with shapes. My head is a sphere. My fingers and “legs” are like cylinders. 

N ow, I think, thanks to this book I live in a shape. I sleep & cuddle with shapes… I read shapes… I watch shapes… I listen to shapes… I wear shapes… I eat shapes…

Shapes… Shapes… SHAPES… oh… There are shapes everywhere… When I go to the toilet I even sit on a shape! Ha ha ha. So, what could it be?


I recommend this book to anyone.



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